Flo Oerley

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Flo Orley


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Let your passions be your guide and always love this life!



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Heimat: Tirol, überall oberhalb 2.500 m.ü.A.
Boards: CrosLake Grand Tour und Como
SUP Spots: Wolfgangsee, Südpazifik
Lifestyle: Surfer, B.A.S.E. Jumper, Drachenflieger, Sieger der Freeride World Tour 2013
Profession: Freerider

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When Bernhard Winklehner, founder and boss of CrosLake, approached me to ask me if i wanted to join the team, i did not hestitate to say yes. CrosLake produces a great range of inflatable SUP boards perfectly matching the needs of us mountain people who mainly venture out on lakes and rivers and are stoked to use a board that`s a little wider for extra stability and to bring the kids as well as it is super easily packable into any car..


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